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honor your truth.

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relationships, joy, loss, heartbreak, gratitude... this podcast explores common life themes and captures truths as we unlearn and rediscover them.

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sometimes, i ask strangers questions and then publish their answers. other times, i publish the conversations i have with myself. either way, here is where you'll always find the gold lining.

I'm Aminat Salihu, an Oakland, California-born Nigerian residing in Brooklyn, New York. Yes, all 'lat. I started thathonestything as a challenge for myself. What happens when I answer each question honestly? When people ask "how are you" and I actually say, "not too good"? I'll tell you what has happened—it made some people confused, caught some people off guard, and made some real uncomfortable. But, what it did for me, was liberate.

Once I gave myself permission to show up authentically in the environments I occupied, be it work or within myself, I began to understand that honesty was the surest way to attain joy, to accept and love myself, and to build true connections. Honesty and truth are prerequisites to living our best and most fulfilling lives—it's the foundation and starting block for our journey. To move through your journey absent of truth is just a lot of mileage on someone else's path.

So, I decided to continue on with my challenge. It's my promise to myself to speak, think, and accept truth regardless of the initial consequences or awkward moments it may create (and believe me, I have stories for days about the awkward moments). While I am on the journey of unlearning, daring, and rediscovering, I choose to share my truths and empower others to accept and embark on the truth journey too. And trust me, of all the trips we have ever taken, this will be the best one.


Unpack with me. Join the journey. Travel with love.



I like to stay empowered while on the journey and at the same time, empower others. I send notes, "a word", periodically. Though sent at random, they're usually right on time—that's what they said. Stay connected, subscribe below!