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Whether we want to admit it or not, heartbreak is a huge factor in onsetting or offsetting our journey. I'm here to teach you how to be happier after a heartbreak through a 6-week course in order to use the energy to overcome the "break" and help you rise "up" from it.

Heartbreak can feel like a devastation like no other, isolating and tough to even talk about. But navigated the right way, it can be healing and the open doors to a better and new you.

Sometimes you may feel like a seed with the weight of the soil upon you. But what if you knew, as a seed does, that a beautiful thing can grow from you, our hearts are designed to do the same thing--make it through the dirt, push it's way past limitations, and reach for something bright. I'm here to help you unearth the beauty that lies beneath the mess.

Most people say that you need to move on to something new, someone new--in other words, busy yourself so much that you forget about heartbreak. It's a lie. That method is a temporary fix that has potential to actually ruin the next best thing. As scary and intimidating as it sounds, the first step toward getting happier after a heartbreak is to allow your heart to, break. A lot of people fear that in doing that, they won't be able to pick the pieces back up, but the heart is a strong and regenerrative muscle can come back stronger and better if you nurture it right. Plus, with this course, you won't have to go through that step alone. Watch the free video here to understand the breakdown of step one. 



my story

I went through the exact thing I prayed would not ever happen. The break up was devastating to say the least. What started off great ended in domestic violence, a court room, and world full of confusion and hurt. If I allowed, it could've shattered me. It made me question my choices, my ability to choose good people in my life. It was a betrayal like I never knew and a death of its own sorts. I had that moment when I was on the floor, the break-- I had just finished praying and was on my 3rd or 4th day home from work, I think I showered that day, I hadn't eaten yet though. I just remember wanting that weight to go away, wanting answers, wanting closure. And even though the prayer wasn't answered the way I wanted it to be, I felt the answer and voice say to feel it. So, I decided to just let myself feel it. I remember thinking, "this is my moment", and I was referring to a moment from Eat, Pray, Love where she described being on the bathroom floor and weeping. I wasn't weeping, but I felt that passage more than ever. I knew this was what the bottom must've felt like. And I knew it could only get better from there. Along my journey back to my better self, I made great choices, bad choices, and even better choices on my way back to great. I eventually moved along to experience a new love, move out of CA to NY, an idea I thought would never happen, I'm making more money than I ever thought and live comfortably in a Brooklyn neighborhood I dreamed to be in when I was 18 years old. So much of what I thought I lost became a small fraction of my past. So much of the energy that once felt daunting, was transformed into something greater. Even though the process was grueling, another beautiful thing that came from it was my ability to talk to others about healing from heartbreak and getting happier after heartbreak. I truly believe that heart break can break open the better parts of us if we let it and if we go through the process right. If you're ready to create a new ending and focus on up part of your break, join the class so I can explain in detail how I did it and help you to do it too.

I wanted to do a YouTube video, but realized I wouldn't be able to reach people and help them as best as I could like through a class. I wanted something more intimate where I could connect, truly, and walk people through this process. Unlocking the better parts of you, the flower that can grow from the soil is my goal. 

is this course for you?

Sometimes we stay stagnant or move backwards from a heartbreak because we hit a moment where we are unsure of what is next. But what if, like grief, we broke break ups down into steps? It helps us move past the steps 3 and 4, where we think that because we are in a good space, because we were strong enough to accept, because we are no longer looking at the negatives and romanticizing the positives, we're ready to step back into what we just left, or back into the same thing with another person?


What Do I Get From the Course?

1) A 6-week LIVE course breaking down the steps to get through the stagnant part of your breakup and helping you shift to happier you after heartbreak.

2) Live sessions

3) A community of like-minded individuals

4) A 1:1 session personalized to help you get through and to your specific goals

5) A breakdown of the steps of a breakup, but in the context of allowing you to see, visualize, and take action to a happier self

6) Free affirmations template maker and pre-made templates to keep you on track even after you complete the course.

7) Journal prompts

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