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Q: What's the hardest thing for you to be honest about?

December 24, 2016


A: It’s hard for me to be honest about realistic expectations… When it comes to relationships, when it comes to friendships. I have an idea in my mind of how something is supposed to go or how I feel things should be and you play it out over and over in your mind, like “oh yeah, this is how it could be”. But let’s say for example, a guy I was dating,.. I’m thinking, oh... these are the way things are going to go. Things are going to be good, he’s going to be faithful, he’s going to do this, but then when you see all these red flags popping up, you kind of push them to the side and you’re like, no no no, I think this going to be okay, like you keep lying to yourself. So it’s hard for me to be honest about the reality especially when things are presented in front of me. Like when someone shows you who they are, believe them. And I feel like a lot of times as women, sometimes men do this too, there will be so many red flags going up left and right and you don’t take them for what they are. So… (laugh) That’s something I’m guilty of, I would like to work on it, and you know, not allow myself to continue to play things out differently in my head and just take things for what they are.




A: That is a really hard question because for me... I tend to be very secretive. But I think the hardest thing for me to be honest about, oh gosh. There's a lot of things. Is it like, all time, like forever? Or for right now? Right now, I want to say relationship status because it's like, you're in denial, but you know what it is. That. But all time... I don't know. I tend to be pretty honest, but I do keep everything to myself. So that's a really hard one.


A: Um. I would say my self-confidence. I feel like it's something that I'm not 100% comfortable with, but it's something I don't talk about.


A: The hardest thing to be honest about... is... very generally... What I want. Yeah. In all parts of my life. In relationships, at work, yeah. It's funny I was just thinking about this and then you came up and asked me.


A: There's much things. Really, uh, it's too much. You have to come back another time, I need to think about my answer.




A: The hardest thing for me to be honest about… I would say, are my emotions. Like, I’m very even-tempered and usually pretty like, cheery. So if ever I’m like sad or upset, it’s really hard for me to verbalize that and it’s just really awkward, but I’m not uncomfortable with other people’s emotions at all. Just my own. And like, saying them makes me uncomfortable or like voicing frustration or sadness or anything and like putting it into words has always been something I’m not good at.
Q: Why?
A: I don’t know. I think because it’s so infrequent. I don’t want to say I’m the happiest person in the world, but I’m usually like… pretty happy. I don’t get stuck on things, I don’t hold grudges. I’m not usually upset about something for a long time. So I think because it’s so infrequent, because it catches me off-guard, and I just… Like I can express my emotions. I can cry, that’s fine. I’m not embarrassed or weird about that, but whether it’s like relationships with people or trying to explain an emotion or feeling or … I guess I think it’s also like confrontation. Not necessarily, but those go into the same boats… And like just expressing that has just always been like really uncomfortable. And I don’t know why. I don’t know why.

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