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Q: What has pushed you towards or away from your dream?

April 14, 2017

A: (Painter) Well, currently... What has pushed me towards two of my dreams is just um... wanting to just fulfill what I want to do. Maybe it's a little bit of selfishness I guess you can say, but it's always been what I wanted to do. So, it's always been 'what's necessary for that?'. So that drive is always there because my mother was a single parent and it was always instilled in us to do what was necessary for ourselves and not rely on anybody. In terms of pushing me away... what is discouraging is that I guess my dream itself is a really difficult... I'm an artist. And so there are things that happen that are beyond your control that can be really discouraging and it's just a difficult life choice, but I'm here and I feel like... making it is not really the goal these days. I have to remind myself of that. It's about making the work and working hard. So, it's a back and forth. The goal is what's important, but it's also what's discouraging at the same time.


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A: I've had so many answers to "what is my dream". I would say that from the beginning, I've always had the dream of satisfying my parents. That was my dream, to make them happy. And over the time growing up, that has changed. And you know with self-reflection and all that, like I dreamed of being an artist. And I think through a timeline in life, you do things for your parents or for other people, and then you do things for yourself. Which... I see that as like, vanity. I think me wanting to be an artist was for to like, parade around... because I want people to see me and be like 'Oh... Funmi'... and this and that. But being here in New York, I realized that it's not about that, it's not about me. It's not about what I want for others to think of me. It's not about that. It should l just be about you know, just living life. And so my dream has changed. Although I do want to be an actress still, um... but my dream is to just... make people happy. I guess? Or... Live life? So I came to the point where... my dream is to now have children. And I've grown to realize that I want to be at peace. And with that, I want to be able to bring in a human being into this world where I am at a clear mind and a clear space. And so, what pushed me, um, to that is being here in New York. Like, me seeing this struggle, this idea, this confinement of this hard knock life. And I feel like, you know what, that's not the life I want to live. I didn't see myself growing up at the age of almost 30... (I'm gonna be 28 this year) that I would be living like a college dorm, like living with with people. Like not even have my spouse, married... Like we have all these dreams to like... you know "by this age I'm this, by this age I'm that" "I've accomplished this and that". And so, I feel like just being here in New York has made me feel like, "no... I don't want to be about that life". I want to do tai chi and be this hippy and hike. I just want to breathe. I think that's what it is, and meditate. And this city is just so dark, so filled with so much energy that is just pulled through so many directions that it could drive you crazy. And I don't want to be about that. So, that's what I've learned here in New York. It's not for everyone. It's not for me, however, I feel like this could also still be my home. I'm open to it. And I could also still come back. Because I feel like New York is like the mother. It beats, you down, builds you up. You run away, but you always run back. But California is like that too. But, I don't know. I feel like I'm lost right now... I'm thinking about a lot right now. Um, yeah. I'm like, trying to figure out, your questions. What do I dream? I dream like everyone dreams. You know? I think the ultimate dream in life is to be able to live long. Like no one wants to see death. But we know that it's there. And I think, that's part of my dream is to... I realize that that's what I want to accomplish in life, is to have a child. Which is weird because I'm not even dating anyone right now. And I'm like, my womb is freaking turning. 

(Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York)




A: Ummm. I would say overall my dream is like, just being comfortable with myself and like being situated… Which I’ve definitely worked towards, just in terms of like putting myself in a good environment, like people around me. I’m working to be a makeup artist- esthetician, which I wanted to be for a while, but never pushed myself towards until like recently. So I guess like, I don’t know. Just being okay with myself and accepting things for what they are and you know, what not. It’s helped a lot. So, I’d say if anything, what’s inhibiting myself the most is just my own inhibitions and personal obstacles I guess. So, I don’t know… I’m getting there.

(Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York)




A: Let me get 30 seconds before I… My dream is to be a cinematographer, to own an apartment in the city and to own a house upstate with two kids… and a wife. And drive a nice vintage Bronco. My ability is pushing me towards it at a steady rate. What’s pulling me away from it are the distractions of the city… and Budweiser.

(Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY)




A: My dream is to become a musician and working with a producer who did the song, "You Guessed It" pushed me towards wanting to pursue it more.




A: That’s intense. Oh my God, and you’re recording it? Oh my gosh. Let me just think for a second. Alright, so right now, my dream is to kinda just let the world take me to where it wants to. I don’t like to… I mean I like to set dreams, but I also just like to see where life takes me… Experience the moment as it is. I guess my dream is to experience as much as I can. Explore new areas, travel, try and maintain happiness as much as I can. That is absolutely it. My dream is to always be happy and to just… Like any huge obstacles that comes about. Like right now, a huge obstacle… my apartment situation is not the best… is to just find people that are gonna help you find that happiness and keep me on my journey of achieving the goal of being happy.

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