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Q: What do you find most beautiful in other people?

June 1, 2017

Atlanta was so good to me, I cannot wait to go back. This has been my favorite question thus far and I probably ran into some of my favorite people here too.


A: Their smiles.Their smiles and their eyes. Um, eyes speak a lot, they say a lot about the person. So that's something I definitely find very beautiful when I meet someone new, a stranger. It just brings your level of...  I'm trying to think of the word... not tension, but it's a spot... the smile and the eyes.
(Atlanta, Georgia)


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A: Wow. Um, I didn't know it was gonna be a deep thought provoking question. I don't know. It's gonna sound really corny... People's ability to forgive. Like when you actually have compassion to forgive, when you have the understanding to forgive... because not everybody can do it.

(Atlanta, Georgia)




A: Peoples' smiles. I love smiling at people. I just smiled at you and you smiled back. And I love getting that instant gratification of connecting with somebody else.

(Atlanta, Georgia)




A: I think the thing I find most beautiful is people's ability to continue to survive. Like we all have this drive that we don't really know where it necessarily comes from and I think we can put it in different categories, but we all have... even though like, everything feels like it's not okay often times on the planet in the way that all the things play out... we all, I feel like somewhere in us, have this ability that we're gonna like keep going, and gonna keep trying, and try to be better. And that just makes me like... I'm gonna cry. It just feels really special 'cause like, why are we all trying so hard? It's all just been so awful for so long, but we just... we all keep going and we keep smilin' and we keep interconnecting.




A: I would say that... people that don't try to compete. Like, people who just see beauty in everybody. I think that's beautiful.



A: Okay, I would say trust. That's my one word.

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