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Q: What are your experiences with jealousy?

July 13, 2017



A: I think I can speak about it on two flip sides. In my experience with jealousy, it’s a consuming negative emotion. Usually it has something to do with a feeling of inadequacy. Um, it’s something everyone experiences and we should be honest about that within ourselves first. I think it’s usually an indicator for you to pay attention to something that’s happening inside yourself. And when you understand that and you start to feel that indication of jealousy, your next step should be to start searching within yourself to see what it is about yourself that’s making you feel that way. And there are things that you can do to make yourself feel better and improve in whatever it is that makes you feel inadequate. I believe that the beauty of one person does not mean [there’s an] absence of your beauty. People bring so much to the table. God has blessed all of us with gifts, all kinds of gifts. Some of it is visual. Some you can see, some you can’t see. And when you learn to embrace what God has given in gifts in other people as well as yourself, the world is a richer, better place. And um, there’s something that happened in this world, particularly for women, that keeps us thinking that we’re not enough and when we buy into that, we can lean and err on the side of jealousy, but if we can become aware of the messages that’s being sent to us throughout social media and on T.V. and in magazines, and really stay in touch with who we are and who God wanted us to be, jealousy no longer has a place in us. 




A: Jealousy. There's so many different levels. It can be on a relationship level within your lover, it can be a relationship level with you and your friends. It can be on a relationship level when comes to... just the people that you work with. When it comes to jealousy, it's something that we may feel, but sometimes it can be something someone is making us feel. It doesn't necessarily always have to be something within us, it can be something someone is doing to make you feel that way.




A: Jealousy is the self... let me try and rephrase that. Jealousy is the false self-realization that somebody is better than you in any type of way and having a source of envy towards them because of that. My experience with jealousy? Um... I don't know. I don't think I've really been jealous of another person.




A: Um... Hmmm. I'm not really sure. I guess the closest I've ever been was envious, in just like, what people have of what I want... how I can get it, how they got it, and I wish that it was easier for me. That's it. There's not too many things I'm jealous about that I would um, I guess beat myself up about. Just probably like, opportunities that people had. 
Q: Do you ever feel ashamed that you feel jealous?
A: Ah, no. It's natural. It's just how you turn that energy into whatever you need to do to get by.



A: So, I'm not gonna answer this exactly the way you asked the question. I'm gonna just give a statement about jealousy and it's related to my experiences with it. But I think that jealousy is not always a bad thing. And I think people assume that jealousy is a bad thing. But I think it can also be an indicator when something is wrong in a relationship that needs attention. I think the problem is usually how people handle jealousy once they recognize that they have the emotion. So, that's all I have to say.




A: That's a tough one. I mean, I immediately think about being a kid and like um, you know being jealous of something that's arbitrary now as an adult or young adult. Like, I don't know, a kid having like a mom that doesn't smoke. I remember thinking that. That's a little more serious, but then there was other stuff, like recently... I really want a pair of Nike Air Moreup Tempos and I can't afford them 'cause I wanna pay rent and I'm kinda jealous of some people that just... have it. You know, they have the new, they're not even new, but they have these nice Nike's and I'm like dang, I wish that was me. But I feel like ultimately jealousy is a really fleeting sensation for me. Like I don't stay jealous. At least personally, I don't stay bitter. I mean, the person who like bought that pair of shoes probably worked really hard for it, and I can probably do the same thing if I really felt like I needed to. So, that's the most recent reaction to jealousy. Like I don't need to be jealous. I'm okay. I still have feet, some people don't have feet and can't even wear shoes.

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