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Q: Fellas, what do you love most about your beard?

August 2, 2017

A: The best thing I love about my beard is that it's easy to grow.




A: What do I love? The freedom about it. I love the fact that I can just wake up, be able to put some water, some coconut oil... and just feel free about it. Like I don't know, it's a sense of... I don't know, I feel free. That's all I'm able to say.




A: What I love most about my beard is that it can take women to the most sensual places if I rub it right.




A: I love the fullness and the different kinds of textures I have in it.




A: I get the ladies*. I'm being blunt and honest. Ladies love it, so I love it (and also respect to my black women). But women love it, so I love it.




A: It's a family tradition, so it's basically like my step to manhood. My step to being a child to man, according to my family tradition.
Q: What is covering your beard?
A: This? This is a beard guard, a beard bonnet. So you know, just like how you keep your hair in tact, moisturized, you keep your beard moisturized. Still gotta take care of yourself.
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Q: What do you love most about your beard?

A: I call my beard the flavor saver. So when I have a good night, the next night I'm able to put the beard to my mouth and remember how good my night was the night before. The flavor saver.




A: Well, it's a mini beard, but I guess the thing I love most about it is it adds a little length to my face... it's a little round. 
P.S. A little shadow don't hurt nobody




A: It makes me feel very comfortable. I feel like it's covering me (like a protection). When I don't have it, I don't feel good.




A: It's funky. It's soulful. And if it's funky and soulful, it's for me.




A: So many things [...] I just like that it's here. If I don't have it, I look like a little kid. And I'm like 29, so that's not a good look.




A: I mean, I condition it a lot, so I love the texture and when I get it to be as soft as I want it to be, I love how it feels.




A: It's very manly. It protects me in the wintertime when it's cold. It's very soft, I like combing it. And I don't know, it just gives me a good look and it hides my baby face... because I have a real strong baby face. I'm 31 years old. If I don't have a beard, I look like I'm 18. That's what I love about it.




A: It attracts a lot of females [...].




A: That I can cut this off, and in two weeks... look like somebody's grandfather. The best thing I like about my beard is that it's there... no matter what, it's there. [...] it's a reassuring thing. [...] But I cut it down 'cause you know... unfortunately society don't accept me and my black brother as long beard-bodied brothas that are just out here rockin' our beards with no consequences... (he goes on to thank venues like this for welcoming and appreciating beards).



Thank you "I Don't Do Clubs" for an amazing event!

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