Q: What do you love most about being Nigerian?

November 27, 2017

(Late post -- Celebrating Nigerian Independence Day. All stories on Instagram)



A: My favorite thing about being Nigerian is being part of a culture that so many people love and want to know. So, they instantly gravitate towards me, my family... when we wear our traditional clothes, we cook our food... they instantly love it, so I love being Nigerian.

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A: That's a hard question to answer because I love so much... organized chaos.

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A: I love the food! And the music. That's the number one thing I like most about being a Nigerian. And also, I love the family gathering, like how we all like... It doesn't matter where we're from, we're just like "oh, cool". You know? And the music, is what I like best because it brings us close together, you know?


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A: I would say what I love most about being Nigerian is my culture. Definitely. That's probably cliché and there's probably a bunch of people who answered the same, but for me... I think it's, you know, like the music... the food. And just the way I was brought up in the Nigerian culture. I really appreciate that. And that's what I like the best about being Nigerian. There isn't much to like in modern times as far as how the government works, so it's to have, you know, that rich culture to hold on to.


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A: What I love most about being Nigerian is our culture. The fact that we know where we come from. We know who we are as African Americans. We can tie back to our history. That's what I love about being Nigerian.

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A: (Left) The culture. (Right) Um, yeah, the culture. The authenticity of the culture. It's very authentic.

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A: I love the culture. You know, there's nothing realer than Nigerian culture. And I'm proud to be a Nigerian and I'm... I just love everything Nigerian. Green, white, green 🇳🇬. All day, everyday. 

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A: (Right) What a beautiful question. The food! The food is the best thing in the world. Ah, ah… What else can you say? Without food, you cannot live. I love my food. The meat, the okra, the spinach, the pehpeh, all of it… I love the food. (Left) Awesome answer, ‘cause I love food. I would say, the best thing is the expectation that we have because so many of us are… at least out parents, our aunties, our uncles, grandparents… we come from strong names. You know? Successful parents. So, knowing that we can’t just be any joe-blow dropping out of high school or dropping out of college. Knowing that we have a lot to stand for… even if you don’t graduate… knowing that you have to be the best at whatever you’re doing… that’s the best thing because it pushes us. 
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A: Too many reasons why I love being Nigerian. In a group of black people, you can always spot the Nigerians. Not because of our features, but because there's a certain aura. When we come out of Nigeria, we just have a sense of pride. That's why I love being Nigerian. 

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A: Hold it, hold it... I have to think about it. I feel so passionate about the situation and I definitely want to say unity, but I think another thing is our ability smile and come together during the turmoil. That's the only thing I like, but the differences... I don't like, but I like our spirit during the turmoil. That's what I love... You know?


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A: So, me... I love the music, I love the food, I love the unity. Like, if I see... I'm from London, yeah. So, if I see my brother from Nigeria, I'll be like, yo... my brother. I love Nigeria, as a whole. -@onenationrecords@itsgabzy 


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A: Ummm, I just love our culture. People are very driven, ambitious, creative, smart, intelligent, and we love our people... so, yes. 


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A: Awe man, the food. I can still smell it now. My mom making jollof and fried chicken on Sunday’s after church. Uhm, Nigerian food is the best. It’s the best thing I love about Nigeria… I think. It’s the number one thing. But there’s a whole bunch though. Music, fashion, our just… the quest to be the best, you know what I’m saying? Nigeria’s always going to be number one, so… I like that drive, that passion. 


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A: (Right) I say the culture, the people... everybody embraces it. It's like never ending. We have so many leaders and so many entrepreneurs. It's a great culture. 


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(Left) Definitely the music and the food. I love Nigerian food. The jollof rice, the rice and stew, the suya. I love the music. I love to dance so, the music is you know, it makes you really want to move your body. No matter where you are, you just wanna move when you hear Nigerian music.

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A: Well, Nigeria is very well diverse in culture, language, and reach. And the people of that country itself, they are full of... you know... love. They care about the community and you know, we're a very engaging set of people. So, in terms of bringing our culture to this country and continuing to empower our youth, we hope, as according to the generation, we'll continue to expand from one generation to the other. Ehhhem.

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A: With being Nigerian comes the expectation of greatness. So, I think umm, that's one of the things that I definitely hang my hat on and pride myself in with being Nigerian. Living up to the expectation and working to grind for my last name as opposed to my first name. I'm leaving a legacy that is everlasting and meaningful in the future. So, in fact, that's what my father and my mom have instilled in me for a long time. Just thinking about the future and living up to that expectation of greatness.

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A: Me, what I love most about being Nigerian is having a big cassava. That's it. That's my most important piece.

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