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Q: What has heartbreak taught you?

November 27, 2017


A: Awe man. Haha. That at the end of the day, you really only have yourself and you can really get through anything because heartbreak is one of the worst feelings on Earth. I think it taught me that more than anything. 




A: Ummmm. Heartbreak has taught me to always be honest with myself about what I need in relationships.




A: Yeah, I gotta think about this for a second. That is kinda heavy. I guess, um. Mostly, that you can't expect anything of anyone. Um, and I don't know. Or like, of life in general. You know? You might think that you have everything figured out, everything is good, and umm... you know? Like whether it's uh, something that was like, something someone initiated that caused heartbreak... or, um if it was just like an unfortunate event in life that took someone away from you. Um, you know? It just completely alters your perception of everything. I guess the first time that I ever like truly felt that I got my heart broken, I like almost felt like I was going crazy because um, it was... I don't know... the situation that I was in, like I thought it was good, but the other person didn't. It was like, no matter how hard I tried, they didn't want to try to work it out, and ended up just like using me until, you know, I had to like pull myself away. And um, you know? It could've been maybe like, two weeks before that, that everything was great. And maybe even like two weeks after like everything like felt great if I'd like talk to him again and thought like something could happen...and then, it didn't. So yeah, I guess that's like the main thing... You can't expect anything of anyone or of like anything... 




A: Heartbreak. Awe man, that's deep. Heartbreak has taught me... Um, how to become a better person.




A: To... never give up on love.




A: Heartbreak has taught me... hmmm. That's a serious question. Heartbreak has taught me that, I don't know. How real life can get. Like, you hear about it... and it... you know it pretty much taught me how real it can get besides seeing it from someone else or on the T.V. You know? It's like a death in the family. It's one of those moments that shows you how real life can get. Is that a good answer?




A: Ahh, don't linger too much... from a heartbreak. 'Cause likely, like...I mean actually, I learned it from you (friend on the right). Because you taught me that, when you're in a lowest point, probably the next good thing is just around the corner. So, don't think it too much. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. Just let it go.




A: Heartbreak has taught me that... you are allowed to feel horrible. You are allowed to feel happy. You are allowed to feel sad. You are allowed to feel whatever you're feeling during that heartbreak period and it's okay. It's okay if you just wanna wear black and not comb your hair for five days and you just, you know... you wanna go out every single night to get that out of you, that's okay. And I think society has made it that it's not cool to do that and you have to present yourself in 'this way', no. Like, I feel like crap and it's okay for the world to know that. But you just gotta... jump back into the game... when you're ready.




A: Um. Well, I haven't had my heart broken. Um, but... I um. I believe I may have broken some hearts. So, um, on the flip side of that is not um, engaging in a way where you open that door unless you're going to go in that direction. So, for myself, it was... okay... Bob Marley has a quote about it where he's like, 'don't wake un-waken love if you know you're not going to continue with it'. So... that's one of the things that I've learned. Yeah.




A: I think heartbreak has taught me... If you fucked up, say sorry. You know what I mean? Even like, you know...I'll think back to something that I did five years ago, and I'll just now realize that I messed up. And I think it's never too late to say sorry and it's never too late, to like... clean up your side of the street.




A: There are so many different types of heartbreak that it's such a difficult question. Are we talking about romantic heartbreak? Um, you know? Friendship? Because I've had my professional heart broken, um... as a freelancer... um, it depends! [...] What have I learned from heartbreak? Trust no one. No, I'm kidding. Um, I don't know. It's hard for people to be honest and I think that trust is probably the hardest thing to come by in any relationship whether it be professional, or personal, or romantic, or platonic... [...] Heartbreak teaches you that you're important, to yourself... before you can be important to anybody else. Truth. 

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