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Q: What do you know to be true?

February 12, 2018

A: What do I know to be true? Um... Uh... What do I know to be true? Can I get like philosophical or something on this? Like, that we know nothing. 'Cause everything we know is like, based on truths that are said by like, people. So, we can say that "this" is true, and if everybody believes it, then it's true. And so, we can't really say anything is true unless people believe it's true. So that's really, yeah. That's all I know that's true. And then... You can disagree with that because that's my idea of true.




A: Um. Actually, that's a hard question. I feel like everything is changing. I don't know what's definite-- even in science. Like, you think something's true and then like, someone will conduct an experiment and then prove it to be wrong.





A: Uhh, I know that God is real. And um, I know that I am here right now. This is a... This is a deep question. I know my momma loves me--that's true. And I believe miracles are real. I believe that anything can happen. I truly believe that.




A: I know that my faith is true. I believe in God. I know that God has um, predestinated me to be in certain places in my life and I feel like this is a blessing to just be here and to be able to do it. Just to be alive and be able to travel. I'm very grateful for you know, the experiences I've had. And I do believe trials and tribulations are a part of life and they help you to experience growth and you learn something about yourself. And once you learn that, you're able to hopefully withstand other life events and it just helps you grow as a person.




A: That blackness is great.




A: That's deep as hell. What do I know to be true? Wow, um... Shit. That oxygen is good for us. I know that to be true. You know what I mean? You gettin' deep on some philosophical shit. Like, I just know oxygen good. You brought it to a whole other level. I feel like I'm in college all over again. The sky, I don't know if that shit's blue... Water... is clear, I think. Is water really wet? Oxygen. That's what I'm ridin' with.




A: Say that again? Like, a general thing? Um, trump is the 45th president? We're living in crazy times where shit you see on T.V. now, it just seems like... "Oh! Okay.." we bypass. Black people are, I think, getting stronger now through you know, all the perils we're going through. We're sticking together more as a country. Um, I'm working now. I know that's true-- I've got a job, I'm about to get this bread, and I'm here with my mans (@justjay_d), we're shooting a show and um, yeah man. I think that's about it.




A: That life is really short. That's what I know. And that you have to live for what you want to do now. You can't put it off for later because life is quick. None of us are promised anything... to be here today, tomorrow, or 20 years, 30 years. That's something I learned from my dad. That was one of the things he told me before he passed on, you know? Because there were things he regretted not doing and he didn't want me to make the same mistake. And that's one thing I know for sure.




A: What do I know to be true? Um. I don't know. Death and taxes.



[Editor's Cut] A: God is real & Love is the answer.
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