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Q: What's the most valuable dating lesson you've learned?

January 15, 2017


A: I would say patience and time. You think that you're upset or you're hurting and in time you learn lessons from whatever you went through in that relationship that your wounds can heal and your heart can heal. And maybe you can find that love again with that person or you can find new love. Um, so that's a big lesson. I think... when I was younger I was very impatient. I just thought 'oh my God, I'm gonna be miserable, I'm gonna be heartbroken forever' ...[but] you learn to heal and you learn to move on and forgive.




A: Don't call more than twice if they don't pick up because then, you seem really creepy. (Laugh) No. I really learned that.




Her: I haven't dated, really, much. But if I were to, I would say to know yourself before trying to know anybody else. Big time.
Him: Mine ties along with that though. Okay. I'm gonna piggy back off that. It's to trust yourself before you can trust anybody else.
Her: That's the same thing.


Editor's Note: Let's talk. For me, the hardest and most valuable lesson has been to let go when something is over. I get invested. I don't date that much so when I do I normally genuinely care deeply for the other person. I've learned that humans change and sometimes feelings do too. I've noticed that when this starts to happen, when a person I may be dating starts to shift or grow a little distant, or change in behavior... I don't trust my instinct and just either confront it or accept that the relationship has changed. Instead, I'd wait. I'd wait for the person to say it explicitly, or do something somewhat drastic before I accept that the person has moved on emotionally or just lost interest. And that goes for me as well if I lose interest in someone. Accepting when something has changed or when something is over and being able to let go instead of trying to figure out the 'why' or chasing the outcome of the situation I initially envisioned has been a great lesson for me. And honestly, I'm still learning that. - Aminat Salihu

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