The Truth About New Year, 2020

December 30, 2019

There's just something magical about the year 2020—Something magical about entering a new decade. I think, aesthetically, it's easy to envision a new beginning when you can see a decade restart, literally, in the numbers. It's inspiring, it's motivating, and it's a constant reminder for change which makes it easier for us to anchor our beliefs in the very real possibility that 2020 can be a year of transformation—and that's hella exciting.


This year is symbolic of many things, one being clear vision— get it, 20/20, 2020? I'm sure you put that together already, but hey, if you hadn't, you're welcome. Even with the promise that 2020 brings, it can be really easy to bring the 2019, 18, 17, 16, and so on, energy to 2020 rendering the potential of a new decade, new energy, new beginning, to be the same as years past. For some of us, that might be an amazing or not so bad thing, but for the rest of us looking to break cycles, begin new traditions, and even just generally rise to a higher level of self or embark on journeys and ideas we've held onto for so long, keeping the same energy for 2020 is far from what we are trying to do. So what does that mean? It means we have to do something different to begin the chain reaction of change in 2020. The truth is, unless we do the work to change our mindset and subsequently our actions, which might require us to switch up how we bring in year 2020, nothing will change—nothing


That's why I'm taking measures to ensure that the very first few moments of the new decade model what I desire for the year and serve as precursors for the mood and feelings I wish to have throughout 2020. This does not mean that I don't expect challenges to arise (in fact, ignoring that challenges will arise sets us up more for disappointment than we can imagine) because they will, just as they have in all our former years. However, I am working on myself inwardly so that I can receive the lessons in those challenges with grace and calm my ego enough to extract the wisdom entangled in those challenges. Life will happen to us, always, but how we respond and what we choose to take from it is entirely up to us. Having a clear plan for 2020 provides us with the motivation to work through those challenges so that we stay on course with our goals. I'm taking the real time to manifest my desires for 2020 and I hope you are willing to do the same because 2020 is the year of new vision and transformation, so long as we put in the work to make that statement come to fruition.


To be sure I start off the year right, I'm bringing in 2020 alone and at home. Holy snap, seriously? Why? Yes, seriously, and because I truly believe that the way I bring it in sets the tone for the rest of the year. I want it to be meaningful and intentional. While I love the good people around me, I am quite specific about how I want to start the year so that means I need to bring it in solo to ensure that things are done right according to my inner beliefs and feelings. Whether you do something similar and solo like me, or decide to party it up, be sure to take some time to digest and reflect so that no matter where you are, you intuitively feel like you have begun 2020 on the right foot. All the promise of 2020 is there, just remember that if we want something different, we have to do something different to get it.


My Course of Action


First, I am asking and answering 4 questions to and for myself. Second, I am taking 11 small and feasible action steps (some are extra simple, but trust, they make a difference). And lastly, I am journaling all of this because magical things happen when you write 'em down.


4 Intention Setting Questions to Ask Yourself for 2020:


1) What am I releasing?
That could be negative self-talk, unhealthy relationships, or damaging expectations.

2) What am I forgiving?
People of the past who have hurt you? Yourself?

3) What energy will I bring to the people and spaces around me?
Think about how you want others to feel when you enter and exit the room. Who do you envision yourself being?

4) What am I committing to this year?
Pick one goal and make it feasible. Do you want to improve on self-care by taking 30 minutes a day or a an hour each week? Change your eating habits? Are you working on starting a business, book, or trip? Start with just one and make this the center focus.




11 Action Steps to Take Before the New Year


These are the things I am actually doing now and completing before 10pm on New Year's Eve... Yup, I'm giving myself a deadline.


1) Pray, regardless of your religious beliefs or different terminology for what may embody the act or feeling of prayer, do that first. It's important for me to get really nitty gritty with The Source and feel guided by what's higher than me before I begin any journey.


2) Meditate, take a moment to be still to welcome the good things to your being and to gain clarity before creating action. This way, you can be sure to move in ways that only benefit your higher purpose and vision for the year to come.


3) Gratitude, give thanks for what already is. This is important and plays a key role in mindset shifts. If we keep thinking happiness is "out there", we will never get "it". We have to be able to understand that happiness is within and that no matter how bad a few things may be, there are millions of other things already working in our favor. Seriously, from every blood cell, every breath, millions of things are constantly going right for us by the second.


4) Declutter Your Space, to welcome new things, you have to get rid of some of the old. I'm doing a light house sweep so I can feel good bringing in the New Year in peace.


5) Right Your Wrongs, so, it's not fair to dump your apologies on others right before the New Year because it might bring up some heartache, frustration, trauma, or disappointment and again, that's not fair to do, so we are not going to right our wrongs in a way that interferes with someone else's progress. This can be a multi-step process, but for now, begin with acknowledging your shortcomings to yourself, possibly write it down and send/say it to the person you've offended later. If righting your wrong doesn't involve another human, fix it if you can or note it down as something you need to do in the near future. If we aren't honest with our flaws, we cannot fix them and that will block future blessings from shining through.


6) Release, let go. What you can change, put in motion, what you cannot, forgive and release.


7) Plan, Write a List for What You Envision, the happy stuff! WRITE. IT. DOWN. If you don't know, you can only find out once you do it. Create your list keeping in mind your prayer and meditation so you can write things down that you truly connect with and that will elevate you to be the best of who you are so you can carry out your purpose. You can detail it later, but for now, write it down and keep it in a safe and visible space. Believe me, this is better than wishing. When done with honest intentions, these things do come true.


8) Challenge Yourself to 2 New Things for 2020, In the spirit of something "different" write down 2 new things you are willing to try be it travel, a haircut, new food, wellness practices, etc.


9) Identify 2 Things to Build Upon That Align With Your 2020 Goals, sometimes we already encompass skills and traits that mesh with with our future goals. Identify them and build upon them.


10) Write a Gratitude Letter to 2020, yes... this is like your Oscar acceptance speech. Envision everything you want coming to life. Write a thank you letter to 2020 for the lessons and accomplishments. The more you believe in what you will achieve, the better the chance that you'll actually get them done. The mind is a powerful thing—I'm telling you.


11) Set Up, create the space you want to welcome the New Year in. I'm doing candles and have already purchased my ice cream and apple cider. Simple, but that'll really help me to celebrate this new decade comfortably. This doesn't have to be much, so just be sure to gather that thing or three that'll help you celebrate the year to come.



Thinking about 2020 strategically afforded me the space to clarify what I need to do to get where I envision. I know that I must take a pause to wrap up things like grad school, certification, moving, and sorting out thathonestything further as a business. I have to cut my social media time down (bye Instagram, for now), and put in the hard work to bring to fruition all that I have in mind and in spirit for thathonestything. I'll be working a lot behind the scenes, staying lowkey to the outside world, and by summer 2020, I should re-emerge in the full swing. Productive will be my new middle name, but I will upkeep the encouraging notes sent to your inbox here and there just as I do now.


I look forward to thathonestything 2020 and I'm excited to wrap up some of the most important chapters of my life. Be sure to subscribe so you can receive personal growth and self-development tips, exclusive notes about this beautiful life journey, as well as stay in the know for thathonestything 2020—I'm saying less and doing more, but know that cool thangs are coming!


I send you love and I hope your New Year is spent in a meaningful and impactful way no matter what you decide to do. I am excited and open for the abundance 2020 will bring and I look forward to our journey. Happy New Year, beautiful people.


With hella love,



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